Our Range

BUDGET mattress. This is a sprung mattress. 6” deep. Ideally to be used for children or occasional use.  Pattern fabric in blue pattern. Colour may vary. Prices from £45  (for a single)

ECONOMY hand tufted mattress. Sprung. 7” deep. Similar to the Budget but with extra padding. Pattern fabric in blue pattern. Colour may vary. Prices from £55

MURPHY mattress. Sprung. 8” deep. This is a good quality mattress at a realistic price. It is medium comfort and a favourite for the shaped mattress and every day use. Pattern blue pattern fabric. Prices from £85

SWIFT hand tufted mattress. Sprung. 8.5” deep in a pale blue damask material. A lovely quality mattress for every day use. Again ideal for a shaped mattress. Medium to firm in comfort with extra padding. Prices from £95

SEMI ORTHOPAEDIC  mattress. Sprung. 9” deep in a lovely white quilted material. This is an excellent quality mattress medium to firm in comfort, firmer than the Swift. Again ideal for a shaped mattress and every day use. Prices from £120

ORTHOPAEDIC  mattress. Sprung. 9” deep in a cream damask material. It is excellent quality. This is a firm mattress for every day use and again can be used for a shaped mattress. Prices from £130

PILLOW TOP for a touch of luxury and comfort a pillow top layer can be attached to your mattress, filled with either memory foam or polyester. Price on request

A 2” layer of memory foam can be inserted inside your mattress. Price on request

Two mattresses can be zip-linked together. Please enquire.


Available in depths of 4”, 6”, 8”  foam

If you prefer foam or if you have an odd shaped mattress which cannot be made with springs, then supply us with a template or diagram for a foam only Mattress. This will be supplied with a quilted covering.


Custom Made Economy Matress




Semi Orthopaedic


Pillow Top